ecommerceMagento Enterprise Edition: Top Features That Makes it an Ecommerce Leader

Why is Magento considered by many as the eCommerce platform leader?

Let us count the ways.

According to BuiltWith, a website profiler that collects data across the internet, there are over 249,145 live websites using Magento, as of this writing. This number, however, does not differentiate how many websites are using the Magento Community Edition or Magento Enterprise ecommerce Edition.

In March of this year, aheadWorks gathered data from Alexa and examined Magento’s ecommerce market share. Reportedly, Magento leads the market with its 29.1% share. With this, around 4.4% are using Magento Enterprise. The next ecommerce platform that followed the lead only accounts for 26.5% of the total market share.

What do all these numbers mean?

Simply put, a big number of retailers, ranging from small-scale to enterprise level businesses, are trusting Magento for their ecommerce needs. And these numbers are still growing.

Certainly, Magento draws a lot of following. This could be attributed to Magento’s premium features and functionalities that are innovative, results-driven, and easy to use.

Okay, now that we have established that, let’s examine the top features and functionalities of Magento Enterprise that makes it the leading ecommerce platform in the industry today.

Right now Magento Enterprise ecommerce is actually running the version 2.0. Not that the previous version was buggy or ineffective, but the rising trend of ecommerce along with the increasing demand for more innovative solutions and competitive platform, brought version 2.0 into the spotlight.

1. Streamlined & Easy to Use Admin Dashboard

Ever worried that new improvements on features and functions might give you another challenging learning curve?

Well, certainly not with Magento Enterprise ecommerce version 2.0. With the new version, a more streamlined and newly improved admin dashboard is all you need to navigate your way through the different elements of your website store.

With this new version, the admin panel is now easy to manage and allows extended-rights functions inside your website store:

  • Increase Accountability for Admin Logins
  • Permission Settings for Specific Access Level of Different Admin Roles
  • Settings for Specific Prices and Promo Permissions

Aside from streamlining the back-end work for admins, the improved panel also reduces the overhead work and expenses in the website store. Because it is now easier to use and manage, you don’t have to drag your IT staff to work on a large inventory of products. The automation process makes this possible along with reducing the margin of error in configuring products into your website store.

2. More Customer-centric Website Store

The goal of every enterprise ecommerce store is to always improve the sales process and the factor that contribute the most to this, is customer experience.

So, how does your website store affect your customer’s experience and behavior?

Magento Enterprise version 2.0 brings you the best there is to improve your website store’s customer experience. In fact, many of the new features in this version are purposely made to address this aspect:

  • Customer Segmentation – You can now segment customers into a defined group. With this, you can display different offerings or promotions to specific segments of your customers. This allows you to show a customized version of your website store to your selected customers, which improves customer experience.
  • Persistent Customer History Shopping – With this improved feature, your customers can access their previous interests, product purchases, viewed products, and product comparisons. This makes it easier for your customers to make informed decisions when making a purchase, based on their history and interest.
  • Loyalty Rewards – This functionality gives you more ways to improve customer engagement, stimulate repeat purchases, and give rewards – all for the sole purpose of making your website store more effective in selling your products. Your customers can now access:
    • Gift Registry
    • Gift Wrapping
    • Gift Message
    • Gift and Store Credit
    • Reward Points
    • Multiple Wish Lists

3. New, Improved and Growing List of Extensions

While Magento Enterprise ecommerce version 2.0 is relatively new, it does come with the latest, most updated, and improved collection of extensions. With a growing list of 300 extensions, your website store can integrate the most necessary extensions with ease. This also means that these integrations are more secure and easy to deploy. You can still choose from your favorite categories, such as sales and marketing, security, payment gateways, and shipping to name a few.

4. Improved Security


Among the top list of priorities of ecommerce owners is always security.

With the improved security feature in Magento Enterprise, securing sensitive customer data is now on par with how banks secure their data – unbreachable and always monitored. This is all thanks to the ever improving PCI-Compliant certification that Magento updates annually, making the platform fully compliant in securing against the latest known risks and breaches.

5. Improved Support System

The new version still offers the dedicated account management and as well as designated merchant managers to help you build, maintain, and improve your ecommerce website store every step of the way.

Additionally, an ecosystem of professional developers, designers, and retail owners make up a good support system in exchanging ideas and answers. You can communicate via forums and communities. In fact, you can air your suggestions, concern, and development ideas and come up with a fruitful discussion. You can certainly learn a thing or two and apply it to improve your Magento website store.

To make it even easier for you, the new version comes along with an improved 24/7 system via phone or email that caters the following:

  • Security Support
  • Technical Support
  • Account Management Support

So, Why Magento Enterprise ecommerce?

Magento Enterprise, while still relatively new, has already introduced a plethora of competitive developments that is still nowhere to be found against its competitors in the market. Magento has not failed in enhancing its competitive edge in the ecommerce industry.

With the following improvements, Magento has set the standard for an innovative and efficient enterprise ecommerce solutions platform:

  • Database Solutions
  • Performance and Scalability
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Message Queue Framework
  • Advanced Product Search
  • Scheduled FTP/SFTP transfer

These are just the tip of the iceberg and if you want to know more, Magento has created a PDF file to make a laundry list of all the technical improvements in its platform.

What’s interesting to note is that there are release announcements for more new patches and updates.

In fact, Magento Enterprise is also now offering the Enterprise Cloud. This additional service from Magento will make it even easier for you to deploy your website and be hosted in the cloud – an issue with the previous available Magento platform. This means that you won’t have to worry yourself in building a physical infrastructure for your own servers to host your existing website or buy the service from a separate third party provider.

You can now enjoy all the added services in just one platform.

All these make the Magento Enterprise ecommerce platform the leading solutions provider in the industry today.